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Great customer service, fair prices and quick response. –Kenneth, Lakewood CA

Kenneth D.

My car stopped running and I have no space to keep it because I was forced to buy another one. I needed the money, anyway. CashCarExpress responded to my email within a day and came to haul the car away. Gave me a nice amount of cash. Surprisingly fast. –Hugo, West Hollywood CA

Hugo S.

Had a 1982 Honda Civic that I wanted to sell so I could buy a newer car. CashCarExpress was nice and gave me more than I thought for it. –Bonnie, Pomona CA

Bonnie H.

Wanted to get rid of my 1995 Toyota Corolla that doesn’t run. CashCarExpress offered me a great price and towed the car the same day I called them. Quick Service. –Ron, Alhambra CA

Ron V.

Called around to a few places like this. CashCarExpress offered me the most for my car and paid me the same day. –Jessica, Pasadena CA

Jessica S.

Had an old motorcycle in the garage that didn’t run. I filled out the application form on the CashCarExpress website and got a quote that day. Hauled it away and paid me cash! –Raymond, Calabasas CA

Raymond A.

Needed to get some money fast. Called CashCarExpress in the morning and they sent out a tow truck by the afternoon. I was paid in cash that night. Thanks! –Kelly, Whittier CA

Kelly D.

Just bought a new car and have to make car payments. CashCarExpress made it easy to get rid of my old car, no questions asked. Got paid in cash the same day. –Abigail, Carson CA

Abigail C.

I had a car that didn’t work sitting in my garage for years. I had to move and get rid of the car. One day after contacting them we had already arranged to get my car towed for free and I got paid later that day. –David, Santa Monica CA

David F.

Quick, friendly, CASH! Thanks CashCarExpress.  –Mitchell, Van Nuys CA

Mitchell A.