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I’m overwhelmed! What should I do first?

Selling your car to CashCarExpress in Los Angeles County is easier than you think! Just fill out the application on the website or call us to speak with a friendly member of our Customer Service team. We will present you with an offer for your car in Los Angeles after inspection. If you accept the bid, you get your cash or check on the spot. It really is that easy to get cash in your pocket.

Does my car have to be in working order?

No. We present you with a fair offer for any vehicles in Los Angeles, in any condition and have them towed at no cost to you!

Will you take cars from any year?

We will make offers on cars in Los Angeles County made between the years 1965-2010.

Do you take all types of vehicles, or just cars?

We would be glad to make an offer on any kind of vehicle in Los Angeles County, including boats! Please contact one of our friendly customer service staff members in Los Angeles to get a free quote.

What about the DMV paperwork?

The great thing about letting CashCarExpress in Los Angeles give you cash for your car is that we handle ALL the paperwork. All you need to do is call us!

How do you determine the amount of an offer?

CashCarExpress has very experienced professionals in Los Angeles who are constantly comparing prices in Los Angeles County to determine the best possible price we can offer you for the car you are selling.

What are your areas of service?

Because CashCarexpress want’s to emphasize the personal touch and fantastic customer service we are known (and loved!) for, we only serve Los Angeles County. Regardless of the city, if you or the vehicle is located in Los Angeles County, we want to give you cash for your car!

How do I know that I will get paid for my vehicle?

The best thing about working with CashCarExpress is that WE PAY YOU ON THE SPOT. When we come to pick up your car in Los Angeles, our responsible and friendly representative will give you cash or a check for your car immediately.

How long will it take to retrieve the car?

Within two days of you accepting our offer for your vehicle in Los Angeles County, CashCarExpress will take care of the removal and transportation.

How long after I call or submit the form to sell my car will I get an offer?

At CashCarExpress we promise to contact you with a bid for your vehicle in Los Angeles within 24 hours of receiving your request.